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Fursuit Photoshoot [ 2 Acid Furry's ]

Report and Photoshoot about two nice and sweety hot furSuits.

Music on: 

Hello! So it is time to publish the report. The report will be written in a foreign language, also known as English. Do not ask why. That's right.

My holidays in May - the beginning of first  May have been great. My report will be devoted to two wonderful personages.Fluffy Fursuiter's Whose identity I have no right to disclose.
Your attention, I attach photo and video materials.

Huh, &  so,  let's go !  ...

For photography, we have provided a photographic  proffesional FOXy's  studio, where I watched the video recording camera and the second employee of all photographed placing light. Photo quality turned out and I think interesting. Below is a photo and video report about what is happening.

Here they are ! Bright juicy's  guys! By the way a great couple! No wonder I went to them and filmed me interesting moments. I like to get acquainted with the characters and the acid so they call themselves Furrie's.

What the characters at first I did  still not understand. It looks strange costumes. And I'll try to guess at the end of the report. And i write you. If you do not forget. 0_о

 Go ! Go ! Go! Start!

- so and I want to write and ask *giggles* - Were ar you from in this night  ? (signature to photo)



Nice plush toy ^_^ and   background:



  • Next our photo set will be constructed in the form of a dialogue. I will ask questions about the fursuit's & Olga will  be respond me.

I also noticed that the Fursuit is sewn by hand, it told me mistress, fur quality thick and very long.
I asked the creator  Fur_suit:
- Olga? In winter, I think it is very warm or cold?
 -Even at - 30? After walking on the street it is very cold perhaps?
He received the answer that:

-"Hey Buddy, Inside (in the fursuit ) the warm and not hot ! "

Olga does not hide that these two suits sewed herself. Manually  not automate.

There will be (From my report ) two locations. With a slightly altered color, background.

  • Location: 1

Next photo's... (Cold)

And still warm (with hug's couple's)

Arf, another cold (i mean this photos  with color's)

Woof, looks like pretty fursona's:

Next , we need to fly! Если кто и подумал- нет ! Он или она не Зигуют! Это приветствие такое!Зиги тут нет! :)


  • Location:  2

Afer, i say,pls.  jump up boy's! Picture taken at the time of the jump. Attempts have been several.
From the side it was interesting to watch them. After all, he was there it was very hot inside.
  And the room temperature is kept at approximatelly : +23 , i think hot for both :D !

Look this :

Well, nice jump's! Please, tight hug pls.!

Nice! Almost all poses invented differently. I directed it. And it was funny. After all, to consider the suit is fully necessary to take a picture of it more than once from different camera angles.

- Buddy lift it on you'r pawst. (i'm say)

NP! here you are!



Three :

Good! Pls stand up!

- Turn! :

-And sit down!

-Huh, pls, now put your h paws   on her breasts and smile!

Hugs in back pls!

-Paws up!

-And now stand  up here,  alone!

-Back  please! Stay back!

-Nice heart! Dude!

-Smile! ^_^   Pls open jaw and say -



-Please fly another , i need hi-resolution shot:

-Sit pls in you'r paws & look at me, muzzle  disgrunted &  inauspicious, pls .!

- ooops, huh, *Blush* I hope you notice something that is not here  Zip obviously

-Cool ! nice! Please next!

-Very cute and sexy "Acid" baby ^__^

 -Up tail and hold !

Music 2 please on in play :

-Say : Rawr!  Rawr! Rawr!

-How you sleep ?


Awww! nice fursona! Alive colors much more saturated! I was delighted by the fact that looking at what is happening and managed.So dear, pls sit now! i need cool photos!

-Just relax , okay?

-Dear! pls, don't moan's!

-yawn, huh i say!

-Now you need furpaws Up!

Just relax

Giggles* so pls view hot  to  sitting "frog":

W0w, pls another lay down:

-Are dream? but how?

-ohh yeees!

Damd!  i forget ! I take  it   conversation (both ) (by phone earlier interviewed them)

She (both) love cute baloons Q 24  random colors! Red and Blue.

-Douple's pls baloon's need here! :

- God, i like it! too, nice colors!

Pls take red baloons and pop!

-Hey! not now! *Giggles*

-Larry! (aka Olga )

-How you love baloon? Watch me please!

-wooow, nice photos!

-Open  jaw  and shake  it!

-dear! connect with her! And pop this  baloons! Now! *giggle*

-In this pose : Suggest   lady you'r  hand and heart!

-Not bad!

-touch it roughly,  looks nice!

-Give her a ball, Q 24 pls Blue color.

-Sit as Frog *Giggles*

It's  all friend's!

Special thanks to Marina for giving Fox photo studio.

p.s I hope these furry friends (Two married couple's) bring you pleasure , positivity  &  warmth  moments  to this day.


To summarize I will say this: I liked to take a mini interview with this wonderful couple. The costumes are stunning colorful and juicy.

I am of them was delighted. In the future I plan to ride around the world and interviews not only in Russia but also abroad. I say this you cute! couple's! good ! See you soon. The plane will not wait.

P.p.s Also special thanks to the Мarina (Photographer)  &Larry (Fursuiter) for communication & cookies provided by transfer. With you it was fun. Thank you!

  • Below all Repository's :

Video clip with two cutes Fursuiter's!  X 590  : Watch  Faster X 600

Video clip with two cutes Fursuiter's!  X 1000  very faster: Watch faster X 1000 (Scatman Version)

Photo_Albums version:  Watch


This video : how to open JAW (only samle's ) : Watch video

All photos with HD From Yandex Photo's  aka Flirk  : Watch all HD Photos

All my video's youtube : Watch  + Watch Here

Who made fursuit's :


My page Furaffinity (posting more photos) :  Link

 P.P.P.S If there watching  mistakes - please do not wrute me attention to them quickly wrote. To explain in brief my photo reportage.
Thank you for attention!

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