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Briefs aka Mursuit Tutorial [commission OPEN]

Little report about cute brief's

Morning! this report,This report focuses on a small photo review.As you may have guessed we will focus on adult shorts. I think this is an important attribute of any furry. So, let's begin . Below are listed all shorts as previously ordered. The quality they have the best performance

The earliest shorts were quite the same volume. (Husky's Brief)

 Brief's  №: 1


Huh,  look in detail from different sides shorts:

The first shorts appear   greats!

Brief's  №: 2

Second shorts were made specifically for the order and flew over the ocean.

Shorts in the process   aka WIP . not sewn bells..

huh, There was a strap had to cover a dog :)

With flash:


Briefs № : 3 This   PINK     Brief now For sale!

If you want to buy, this brief, bids can do here : https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1086791.html

Made by the same technology, but the fur is used close to the natural. From that, the shorts have turned out a little bit heavy. Fur feels very nice smooth and fluffy. When putting on shorts - no Viagra is not needed. Well, you understand me :))



Of course! Commission OPEN!    You are welcome!


More detail can be found with photos  (detailed photos made specifically for sale) :


huh, these shorts have a special hole[ Diameter is suitable for your needs average statistical ]


With big  fluffy  balls :


Sample for example Remoote control:


In side  shorts ,   [_Inside short surface is cotton cloth  , pleasant soft step  don't rubs_]:


Back view:


Close to the natural fur! Very fluffy  the surface is very silky :





All briefs created my  lovely  wife with love ... 

Watch full size :     Сlick here 

Page  for commission (Brief)  Click here  

Page who created brief's :   Watch

Thanks for attention's. Woof, Woof, Woof


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Эндрю Добавлено назад
Это мода такая пошла ставить эти части тел на сьют?
Aqua_man Добавлено назад
Не обязательно на тело, можно свободно и без фулл сьюта обойтись.


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