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Russian Train's (Nino )

Russian  Trains

A dream come true !  Yeah, I visited the exhibition of Russian long-awaited trains. You may ask what is the fun,huh? And I'll tell , you that's how many times I passed it on the train's aka :  'Sapsan' on the 'Swifts' and   'Swallow ' , and all of them have only seen from the window &  your attention is invited to get acquainted with the exhibits briefly . Sadly,   we had only  approximatelly ~ 15 minutes to go and see & take pictures and videos of only a small part of the exhibits. Yep, &  photographed is not quite professional technique . But overall a couple of interesting shots still managed to shoot probably start , My path was from point  :  

A to point : B, first Swift was getting on the train - the journey takes3 hours 30 minutes. About  moore ~ 400 km, I spent a comfortable train.

Watch road (Fish eye ) (Left window)  version :

Back video  (Fish eye ) ____ (Right window ): 

Music play ON  :


After we met the friend 'Spirit' for which many thanks to him! Video about a train passes inspection, you can see the end of my report review:

For the most impatient look ~ 15 minutes for 1 minute here:

First start:

Trains were more than 15 pieces I do not look as time was limited:


Very old :

Very old  train  ,  before the collapse of the alliance with  siviet union with ,  Red star: 

My wife and big train, yeah she looks very little :

Hmmm , my height  totall ~  184 cm.  


In the frame of such a whopper did not fit a panoramic picture:

Мore :

Some Information  aka TTX -  Train L - 0818 , Date est.1952 , I was not born yet  , huh :

Of course strong train :

Next  revision:

Russian Train T'-622:

Next :

Train :  P36-0071 Muscle Train !

My gosh, this train is so Very Big! fuck, wheel moore two meters !  2  meters!

Rude train ! Big !

Looks cute! Obviously  dude!


Of course husky, you need taked selfie! p.s scare muzzle   !<-_->

My best friend Spirit !Thanks you dude for little trip to  watch Trains!

That's right on the train can climb only very cautiously. I note that in St. Petersburg where I rested last year, we were forbidden to climb on the train. I'll make you a separate link on the train. Alas, not all photos I uploaded. Link was  been  below (end of the report)

Me ^.^

RED Star:

Moore green colors

Biggest train :  Э-684

Next :

Train Э 684-52 :

But below the train on which we have not  to go .  Btw. Access, i  had to use zoom to it was closed. i don't know why reason.

Train : Эш 44-52 :

Fucking D0  not cross , sad....

This train i big love :

Go Hyusky Go!

I can fly, huh  just a  selfie =3

Me and Train!  Э -1112

hehe , jump net flashligth :

The last train on which I was able to take pictures  (dude time is expired ) need go home :


Summarizing say that the trains have liked. They were not so much (see link below) in Leningrad aka  ST. Peterburg , but they are there! Old train. I like to dip during the Soviet Union, and even older than them! In general, I love trains. And I try to visit all the places of our planet to learn more closer to them.

More Video's and photo's below :

Train Faster NINO ( 5 MIN FAST )


Full version  (Non cute and non faster ) :


Txh for attentions!


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