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Sport and power!

Helloy dear readership! It's no secret that I was about 2 years ago I started on them. I am trying and trying to put himself in the tone.
And this: a horizontal bar, parallel bars, rolling pin, push-ups, roll to give the oblique muscles and running.  & e.t.c.. Unfortunately my first mistake was that I used the wrong method of training. I not eat right. Many trained cardio, using the weight of the standard and it did not increase with time. Now everything is different. As a novice I purchased the necessary equipment to me. And used equipment that I have had. Now everything is different. My task in this  moment is to overcome the task:

  •  1) Take the twine (previously I wrote about it but did not succeed in mind the circumstances)
  •  2) Upgrade up the pectoral muscles. I bought a barbell and weights on  now time , approximatelly ~  35kg. It will be increased gradually.  When looking to buy an additional  + 40 kg of iron and more.
  •  3) Upgrade bitsepts moer muscle  also known as banks.
  •  4) Boxing
  •  5) kardio,  run more than ~ 15 km.

Below is a photo with the necessary implements to me. Why would I publish this report? Yes, everything is simple. For half a year - a year to return to it, and to prove to myself that I have some progress. And my girl like defined.
Let's see what happens .

huh, forget, my previous WIP watch here :


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