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Fursuit Antro WolfoBear WIP [Photoshoot Edition]

Fursuit WolfoBear WIP [Photoshoot Edition]

Good Morning! This report i writing  and belong New Antro Fursuit. Created by 'Larry' link: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/larry.  (c)

In this photo report, I describe in detail the new model  Antro Fluffy Fursuit. I note that the style is changing for the better. if before we did the usual fursuit  - now we go to the next level. Hight level obviously  !

A little about this work.? Yes !

This Fursuit  you see below,  has been made in a very  short time.  To be precise it is exactly 2 weeks. Fursuit is new!  It took 14 days to sleepless nights,My wife say (who made this wonderful suit ) (Sleep, Husky no, forget ) and the creation of such a wonderful animal - Antro animal  This costume is perfect for those who love the small or fit  size &  at the same time, furry antro animals.  In the vicinity, it looks amazing. and pore want to come up and hug tight! More hugs! The first experience in the creation of the AntroFurSuit. But that we do not stop &  create a more interesting works!
Oh yeah, let's start  buddy's ,  photo report  watch below :)

In the photo we chose different locations I will highlight their department.

For starters, you can see how the photo shoot took place. Total photoshoot took more  approximatelly ~ 1-2 hour. I shortened the video up to 5 minutes. He made several versions with different music video. Please play this video and watch my report.

My photo report accompanied photographs and inscriptions.Photo taken in a photo studio: Fox  far 400 km from Moscow in Nino . Special thanks to the staff member Alisa  who was arranging the light and helped to make beautiful pictures.

Totall  different's location : 5

Okay let's Go!

Video,  via youtube i post END  in down messages:


  •  Location: 1

  •  Location: 2


  •  Location: 3 Dark Background
  • huh, baloon USA 24'

Yeah! we love baloons Game!

Deep breath, a bit tired : D  Big cute  fat toy! ^__^

With Green Baloon Q 24' via USA

PWS up


Back view

Round one- "Fight"   Link

Husky, naughtly  doggy !

                                                        Giggles, it's really pretty fluffu BUTT! так   и хочется написать- передаю всем пламенный привет! Поцелуйте меня в ЖОППУ!

With yeaalow baloon. Q24 of course!

Paws Up! You are arrested! *smile*

Sit down please ! Nice!

Just , lay down and say *bark* hehe

  •  Location: 4

Rose & you. Passion version...

! Arabian night !

Pretty Muzzle!


Special thanks to staff member studio. The video shows how we helped :) Alisa and wolfoBear


Bad boy! In back view *Giggles*


Just like and love plush ! *shuggle tight*

Mrawr! hold cute plush big toy from my pws.

Big toy! And fluffy!

Husky smile =3


Ohh Murr! You know what i mean! :D  YIFF YIFF

Don't look here!  Bad Dog! *giggles*

Husky! darling, Please sit  down, come here !

Arf!  Arf! Arf! Ohh dearling!  of course ! What are you looking! Just Do it!  *_*

  •  Location: 5

              With christmas tree

 And so cute plush teddy Bear Toy

Blush !

Yeah Snuggle , looks cute couple =3

Huh, what's all! Thanks for watch !


  • Below all Repository's photos & video's  :


Video clip's  with  warm  moments:



Photos with originals :


Who made fursuit's :


My page Furaffinity (posting more photos)Link


My contacts

Watch  report Previous Fursuit's  Couple edition's

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