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Partial's [Husky's Couples Black and Pink]

Partial's ( Husky's Couples Black and Pink review )


Woof everyone!  This  report  about  two pairs of dogs , partial's  dogs Black and Pink made by Larry (c)

The creator of these fluffy's furheads  I n this review I will show in detail from different angles of the work process.

Lets's go!  Husky's !

Couple - Canid- Dog's 

Yeah we Love Dogs!



Below all photos about two cute's couples dog's! Video all included in this report. Ok, we a re start !



Head's back :

Some video   360 viewer's: 


Music On :  


This partial's now for sale, Use the following URL to link to your auctions and palse the bid:   https://www.furbuy.com/seller/HuskyMan.html

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