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Dolmatian [spotty Fursuit ]


Helloy again my Fluff's Friend's! 

Music On : 

This report is devoted to the spotted Partial  dolmatin . Update New -  New tracking  eye's effect. The creator is my wife,  aka Larry Fox  (c): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/aquaman/    

here   her Page is  :  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/larry. (c) 

We try to install a new kind of eye with 3D effect . So beautifully, partial, huh. Below I suggest to your picture report. And little video about cutie  Suit.

In my opinion the creator done  perform  this effect. Let's look at this in the photos:

Photo 1: 

Photo 2: 

Photo 3: 

Photo 4: 

Photo 5: 

Photo 6: 

Photo 7: 

Photo 8: 

Photo 9: 

Photo 10: 

Photo II: 

Photo 12: 

Photo 13: 

Photo 14: 

Photo 15: 

Photo 16: 

Photo 17: 

Photo 18: 

This partial's now for sale, Use the following URL to link to your auctions and palse the bid:   https://www.furbuy.com/seller/HuskyMan.html

This amazing spotty Dalmatian dog created by larry (c)

Video clip's : https://youtu.be/ZmMPjh0F9vE





Who made fursuit's (c)


My page Furaffinity (posting more photos) :  Link

My contacts

Watch  report Previous 2  Fursuit's  Couple edition's 

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