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Militarry Russian's (aka Soviet Union) Automobile's(NN)

Wintage Retro  militarry Russian's  ( aka   Soviet Union  ) Automobile's


The report is devoted to the holiday and my favorite hobby - photo cars. A given report will show how old cars can be beautiful. These cars were born in the former Soviet Union as well known as the "SU". So there is no country and there are cars. The photos are made on two types of apparatus - a professional camera and the usual.  The exhibition was not far from Moscow in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. It is approximately ~  440 km. Near the capital.

Below review photo of cars. That is included in this report:

Special thanks to my girl in the photo in pink. (near yellow car) she helped to make photos and videos

Music ON:

Ok Start! all photos has been little comments:

This report will be military equipment. Which is completely on the move and at any time can attack the enemy in the event of a world war or an attack on our country. Certainly used militarry car's equipment is outdated but it may be moved completely independently. And there is . Huh,There is no country where these products were produced, but there are cars. These cars were produced in the USSR to that country.


Great old yellow car: legend: To restore the car, police officers were involved. Which helped to restore this older car.

ZAZ  not hight perfomance car but nice for travel


There were also presented motorcycles

Max  speed ~  140 MPH  and  ~   30595 km has been...

Legendary "ZIS"  aka Katusha with missiles covered from the enemy

GAZ M 20 great car!

More great  military  Russian SU car!

GAZ  M 20 :

Gaz M 20 red edition:

Legend car Wanderer :

Car interior and steering wheel:


The symbol of Gas is Deer.

Power is   Deer:

Auto Union car soon :

Militarry style Power GUN!

#   Just Say - Victory !

And pretty me ,

- common Husky just take a photos and g gonna to home (say Larry)

Me with Photo and car:

GAI  aka GIBDD :  PoliceMAN car

O Halo!

Russian UAZ  aka Gelladewagen. Russian Edition! Muscle car!

Military inspection:

With Victory!  (№ is )







I rly love this car, totally hot ! High cross-country  (сlierence ) ability of this model with excellent suspension!Car for Russian Police aka FBI CIA

TV ,audio, video communication special :

Tickets and how mutch:

The ticket costs 250 rubles ~  4/5 usd $  not cost expensive, together with photos and video materials. I was very pleased and received a lot of joy from this event. Russian cars are still very beautiful. Especially the military auto industry. Separately I want to thank my girl  larry for help with photo and video shooting and more material's . Thank you all for your attention.

All photos full size you can watch here :   Watch Photoalbum

Watch video :

Preview very fast:

Canon :

Go pro LQ :

Sony original non music, English  speakers :


All the photos and videos belong to me. If you want to share in another blog, a link to my site is required.

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