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White fursuit Tiger (Partila for HiSt)

White Tiger Photoreport mini.

Good morning! And welcome!  In this report,  i watch you new work by Larry (c)  made special  for  Hist 

Great work made by my girl, this white tiger  hand made by Larry  manualу  paws. Below i watch you little report. Looks like  beautiful work.

Really paws some work! really Love this work! 

At the end of the report, you can see photos and videos. Wrk made to order really liked the customer. &  the ability to do beautiful work is the vocation of my girl. Her job really liked  both. I did not even want to give it away. Because everything is done very professionally. The review is excellent. The work is also at the level of foreign  furrys... 

Ok lets see it ! 






Fast video : 3 min.   https://youtu.be/gexzm_wylKs

See ya!

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