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Cuddle wolf

Last weekend, I finally have managed to cuddle wolf. ohhh yes , inflatable wolf-it's amazing wolf
You have no idea how long I was waiting for him! Waiting for the wolf and snow leopard, too. In the latter case if the snow leopard has not arrived, there would be a wolf.
Well, I was prepared for this moment and made a mini party.
What is usually involved furi?
Right fun!

Then I'll write as I squeezed the inflatable wolf.

The first stage had to inflate the wolf is good pump was purchased in advance easily inflate and blow it was physically possible!




It took about about 25 minutes to fully inflate it and that's what we have at the exit:




Side view:

Type of back:

Form completely to the side:

Yiffy pozition (-_-)

Under the tail :

Full length :

Origilal photo:

Face  wolf:

The bottom up:


See photo max size


And of course Mr. Fox

Riding on the wolf:

In thinking:

Happy face! Another would be squeezed wolf! 

Fursuit & WoLf :

Saddled him! All right! Now he's mine! ^_^



Resistance is futile: Relax Foxie,Relax ...


And what is Fox doing behind the wolf?

Special thanks to :  DimoniusPuffyPaws &  Kamsirius


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KamSirius Добавлено назад
Пора лечиться... Этот волк у меня 24/7 то в мозгах, то на фотках, то в иных формах
Renart Добавлено назад
бедный надувной волк его тискают а он ответить не может Х)
KamSirius Добавлено назад
Да мне кажется ему только приятно :)


Всем привет! Рад видеть вас на своей страничке! На своей персональной страничке я буду делиться с вами новостями...

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