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Murr [Fursuit]

MurrSuit  ◠‿◠


Good morning my friends, today i represent new unused Mursuit, also i watch  you new suit  for sale my pretty dogs, she (larry.) created wonderfull and beautiful suit, all suits is new and now for sale, below all info included, sure ships free via Russia - Moscow, let's begin watch  more photos  report:

1 suit -  Mursuit for sale:

Photos,Of course, in this report all holes are smeared, for sale put up a lot with two heads and this: a realistic head & half cartoon:

Your attention is presented to the first lot: this suit is very durable and fur is close to natural. Between very fluffy, I would even say dense and fluffy. In size, it is sewn for a slender person with the following characteristics:

Technical characteristics (inches) : 


❤ Fursuit Details included ❤

  1. Full Body (fit)
  2. Furpaws (arm and legs)
  3. 2 Heads (Multy and realistic)
  4. Tail


 All the strips are sewn not painted The fur is very thick and fluffy's - natural. Fursuit is NEW not user. Between the legs is a hidden secret zipper (for murrsuit ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) 


❤ Deliverys ❤

✿ Delivery across the country in every continent of the earth.

✿  Shipping  FREE is included in the price. Dispatch the next day after payment.

❤ Payments ❤

✿ Payment through the payment via system Pay Pal.

Head one  [ cartoon ]  : Moore photos from wonderfull photoshoot : 

head two : half realistic 

yay! with baloons!

More randoms Pose: 

Ohh Murr, with flowers ^_^

So, you know for that this pose , *giggles*

Back, on the back is sewn a zipper


View Auction  and  bids  here :  https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1098462.htm


2-  Fursuit for sale: English setter  (canid- Dog)

❤ Fursuit Details included ❤

Head +Body+ Tail+Paws

❤ Fursuit  Dimensions Technical characteristics (inches') ❤ (◠‿◠)

  • height: 61-64
  • head ~ 22- 23 inches
  • chest: 37
  • grasp of a waist: 33
  • buttocks girth: 37
  • Sleeve length: 20
  • Long pants: 29
  • Feet aka Furpaws: 10


❤ Deliverys ❤

✿ Delivery across the country in every continent of the earth.

✿  Shipping is included in the price. Dispatch the next day after payment.

❤ Payments ❤

✿ Payment through the payment via system Pay Pal.

Certainly i upload more  cuties photos :

Of course photos with stars baloon :

Madness, i love this pretty muzzle!


Red Q 24 : 

Pretty  sewing paws , looks great work!

Hi from Paris, hehe this  ear so  good!

Naughty  Setter! 

Play in the bed? 

Husky, Please ...

what are you waiting for?

Give me a  tight hugs! bad dog!

Sure i like it! This picture! Awesome dog!

Together with english setter:

Murrs sexy  photos ^.^



Sniff ears:

Who is a master today? 

Good girl :

Go ,go ,go!

daww, you wery hight !

Finished photoshoot: 

View Auction  and  bids  here :   https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1098792.html

Who made fursuit's (c)


My page Furaffinity (posting more photos) :  Link

My contacts     Fast messages for any questions:   https://telegram.me/Aqua_man 

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