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 Чечня  - Ингушетия

Finally, I had time to write an extraordinary about my train to the glorious city of Chechnya. Those who live in Russia are simply obliged to know that there was a war there before, and We Russian people fought with our fellow-soldiers. But now it is more accurate for a long time now that everything has become quiet and Chechnya is now considered a quiet city. Looking ahead, I will say that the city I liked. As you can see came from there alive :) and healthy. Okay just getting start my report about this travel, So lets Go!

Let's start with the fact that I left home at 5:30 in the morning. Of course I did not get enough sleep ... The flight wasnukovo airport. yes I'm a lazy person I decided to order a taxi cost me this order of 650 rubles that in general it is not expensive for Moscow

I arrived very quickly in 25 minutes and began to inspect the airport. 

Check departure: 

My  time is  ам 09 : 40

My local time is  07:01   sure, i'm just arrived very early ...

I did not have money -  only a card . ATM  not have been work! damn! And that I watch ... oh okay i search  new ATM.

huh ATM Driveve is  160 GB! good HDD :3

Yay! found a working cash dispenser to issue money and took off a little. then went to look for an apartment to work with coffee

Prepare work  coffee ...  Cappuchino+little sugar!

LCD is say: Please waiting just prepare...

Near  inside airport:

Waiting  departure  . Good early day! 

13 february  . 9.18 am

Arrived! Airport  Nazran'

Sit down in car and we  are  gonna to start...

Russian PFR ...

School ...

Country Flag

Est.  in 1781  year ... 

i Love Nazran"

Мonument .. 

Definitely the best car on which we traveled. Gellandewagen with cool number : X 333 XX   (06 Region)

Having finished all of their affairs went to the city of Chechnya. It is approximately  ~ 75 km from the city of Nazran

Fast election of the Russian president and we all know who will come to power ... Do not go to the fortune-teller...

On the way we stopped. In this place recently turned 2 Gellandewagen's. in fact, this partition 2 cars rushed at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour crashed into this bump. Miracle People remained alive.


Time to   SteakHouse!

It's  me :) 


Some many clock's

Random tables 

My menu , today: 

Me and food :)

Ohh, looking tastes! and cool

My colleagues

Group photos 

Otskirts   Checnya

Another me near Las vegas 


Panorama photos

it was warm outside. After a walk, we went back to Nazran to the hotel

Hotel Artis Plaza great!

a very rich room all the same stars here a lot!

My room, indeed cool  !

Big TV

Intresting lights! Random colors!

Queen-size bed


Huge shower room

Very clear rest room

Coffe or tea :)


Window and early day....

Elevator, time too


my food 

2 bodyguards at breakfast

ok, we gonna to   Russia Moscow


5\5  or 6!  Artis Plaza Hotel nice  Hotel! 

All gifts souvenirs


arrive at the airport

I need more sleep!

Airport magas

Done! we are home!

Little video


Summing up, I want to say that the city liked. Thank my colleagues for a short trip.


Full photos: Flirk my Photo Album

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