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Inflatable HUGE ORCA [ Baloons Party]

Huge Orca Inflate party 

We come back! *Deep breath* today i represent  a big cute inflatable  Orca party and some moore RGB inflatables Baloon! At the end of the scoring, you will see how all the balls (or almost all were burst)

Okay !It's no secret that we are lovers to burst the ball! Perhaps we start off with a huge mamals whale! This report will be all! The explosion of balls end photo report.

Only +18!  By reading this photo and video report you agree that you are 18 + years old.

A bit of erotica , mature content !

Oka start here! 

Ride it! Sure sunshine is hot!

This report will be all. Hugs balls start with a small dog =) 

Great combination of blue!

Sureб with Baloons pls pinky Don't kaboom! 

Separately, I want to note the fact that a very big killer whale grabs her unreal! difficult and sometimes impossible!

No shit aka Poo  =3  in the background! how could you think! and truffle - chocolate that was personally sewn by my girlfriend

Daww ,lovely blue krystal Balon!i

Next photos is Spider Man !


You next!

Yes, I love these Zentzy  SPIDER MAN ! I also have a black spiderman and Green Lantern costume. I think soon I'll take a couple of photos on this topic , ahh why not , huh?

Puf PFFF.. Oh Yeah! 

Throw it! Kaboom!

3-2-1   Blast! 

Nope! Im Freeez it! 

Paws ? 

Run Hysko, Run!!!

Paw! Pws ? huh , soon we  will do it ! Husky ^.^

Soon he blash!!! D0'h!

My Fav size! GOOD VIBES!



Great Size!

Ahhh Silly Husko!You have  a   Big Di**k =3


Good Vibes!

And Huge size <=====3


Little Husko and  Huge Orca! 

Ahh come here! 


You !Please take a moore Photoshoots! please! 



Maximum pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure ,ride it! little pink dog!

The exact combination conveys my character. This is about my suit. You will not believe but he describes me exactly. Ie my Mursuit  is my external nature. Combinations of playful evil husky inside!


I hate you!

  huh, i'm juts kidding, so sorry ^_^

But I'll eat you for breakfast!

do you think i am joking? 


Red size!

Huge size!

Purple light  little size~!


This is relly Madness!

For example:

the size of the room and killer whales! impressive isn't it?

Me  &  Orca


Come here! i need ride with you in you back  belle rubby ^^

Next party is  Kaboom blash  Baloons!

Watch below  link url via YouTube

Soon we pop it!

And  this!?


Please no!!!

Paws up  evil  >_< Husky!


Just Prepare  soon... 

Okay do it!





My preview inflate Photo\ Video report Kaboom!  Watch here : Inflatable Baloons & Toy's  http://www.old.aqua-man.ru/blog/show/149


Video : 29 minuts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruUHCBmJZiQ&feature=youtu.be

P..p.s. Also , i would like to thank my friend for providing balloons & inflatable toys: 

Next time will be even more interesting with a big dragon and ...follow the news  !

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