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Inflatable Baloons & Toy's


Mini inflatable [ Baloons ~ Toy  party ]

This report I give to  balls and inflate Big Toy's . Yes, my hobby is too  balls - a lot of balls (huh, inflatable indeed)  but not what you thought :)

And I also love inflatable toys with them, not only beautiful , swimming but also possible. What else can I do in my spare time? Correctly to have a good time. Hey!  Thanks buddy  to Dmitry for  Big Toy Hyen(as)   &  Infl. balls. I'll start my report with a photo fixation. it was fun . look funny, so let's start :

First  Baloon Big 1200 : 

Be sure, husky live ride :

Looking for background , He watch too :

Lazy husky:

Do you think is so Big Baloon?

(Btw size is so BIG) ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Ride it Husky! 

Pew, pew:

Soft naughty dog:

Big !

I definitely like such dimensions:

Ohh take a new pictures!


Indeed i like PAWS, feel pws so moore!n Awesome!

Are you willing to bet with me? (looks my m angry muzzle) ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dat sexy Husk :)

Next ride Big  Pink Baloons [Not inflated to the nominal aka MAX  value]

Maximum Pleasure , aha! If you are ready to experience it just call me - the call is free =3 

Be sure ... (TV)

Hugs Baloon!

Next red Baloon: 


My Baloon!

Heart and sexy naughtly pose: (◠‿◠)

Hey  Husky! (Background)

What are you doing dog?  (TV back)

Big baloon  TTX size: 

 Just prepare to Kaboom! 

Just do it! take a Big louder KABOOM!

Next ride inflatable Hyena Toy:

Indeed my lovely size for ride!

Rawr and Hyena: 

Jaw  say smile :

whats all!

Paws up! 


Ohh great party!

Soon i upload video stuff about this little party via outube.

Thanks Larry. and Dmitriy for Photoshoot!


Full  original Photos : Click me 

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Matthew250 Добавлено назад
I'm concerned that there hasn't been any video footage of this uploaded to YouTube yet.
Aqua_man Добавлено назад
Sure in next party! Please welcoma https://www.patreon.com/Aqua_man


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