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Tiger Fursuit (Acid colors)

Fursuit orange Acid Tiger


Helloy guy's! Today i have holliday's &  represent new  awesome Fursuit Tiger , you know who made this tiger , yaaas my wife: Larry. (c)  She made this! 

In this review, I will show you all the sights of the new costume and show you the same panoramic shot of the head for all 360'

А little digression.Тhis head was sewn manually. Аll the strips were sewn.Indeed the paint was not used.  Full partial have  a Handmade ! The tail is also sewn and has a convenient fastening to the belt. The fur is very soft and pushitsyy has a long nap close to the natural.

Ok let's go to Photoshoot.

Since we have winter and snow in Russia, and we reach 1.4 meters in height, I decided to get out into the countryside and take a picture of the tiger  on the clean snow tiger:

Great Muzzle:

random view:

In left:


Сentre 2 :

head with BIG  tail:

Full complect: head+paws+Bigger tail:

Big tail and fluffy's paws :

Little arrow  down: 


Pads are perfect & surrounders:

Pads # 2 acid green colors: Green have a little claws :

My favorite color's PINK  (ᵔᴥᵔ) 

Pads ! 

Many people ask me  (◑‿◐)  how things are with ventilation? The answer is simple. The inside is spacious and the ventilation works perfectly thanks to the mobile jaw. The head does not sweat (◠‿◠) 

Reaaly awesome Tiger  Head!

I take photos in random  left, Right , Hight and other. To show you all kinds of the head:

Strips on the head are sewn by hand. Yes, many people use paint for such purposes. We do not use it. Everything is sewn and sewed only by hand. so durable

Head in back :

Smile Tiger:

Oh course this eyes are 3 D folow's!

*Boop* (☞゚∀゚)☞ 

All  in one :

Photos in home (Warm colors) : 

Full video about this fursuit you can watch here in my channel: 

Video 1:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B2gCjqjEEE&feature=youtu.be

Outside  winter snow :


Video 2   :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RnfpxbGMDY&feature=youtu.be 

with 3D folows  and testing RGB Lights!

I'm testing head with random colors via RG Lights :Samle is below:


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